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"One year after Hurricane Ida,
what are the lessons for NY and NJ?"

LC Clemons, owner of disaster preparedness and recovery consulting firm Force of Nature Solutions, joined PIX11 News on Thursday to discuss the lessons of Ida and other major events before it, like Superstorm Sandy.

"New York City Wasn't Built to Withstand a Deluge Like the One Ida Delivered" 

"People focus on the hurricanes, but the truth is that extreme rain, which can come in the aftermath of a hurricane, like what happened with Harvey and Ida, are the events that we need to be designing for," Laura Clemons, a certified floodplain manager who formerly advised the New York City Housing Authority on resilience strategies, told CNN."

TF1 (French Network)
Hurricane Ida 

The solutions were there, the funding was not.

"Climate change and storms. Precipitation records are set. They are not doing well in the Us."


“People focus on hurricanes, but the truth is that the extreme rains that can occur after a hurricane, like Harvey and Ida, are events that we need to be prepared for." -LC Clemons

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