Force of Nature

Disaster Recovery & Hazard Mitigation Through Placemaking

We provide clients with innovative approaches to disaster recovery, hazard mitigation, and climate adaptation through Placemaking.

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Force of Nature Solutions works to improve people’s lives by helping communities recovering from disasters learn how to navigate the federal rules that dictate recovery funds to rebuild in a way that both reduces risk while simultaneously creating better places for people. We were founded because of the need to establish partnerships across siloed groups so that individual projects could be leveraged for wider, more meaningful impacts.  We advise communities that have been impacted by disasters, on how to identify existing and planned projects that can be aligned with grassroots initiatives to value-engineer the disaster recovery process using the Disaster Recovery Through Placemaking℠ strategy.


We focus on helping communities, that have extremely limited resources, understand how to build back in a safer way while creating places people love. We work with professionals across a wide variety of industries to understand how to effectively support disaster-impacted communities to create a recovery that moves beyond the repairs and instead allows the community to achieve its long-term community planning goals for economic development, infrastructure upgrades and community-driven initiatives.


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